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Spray Foam Contractor Goes from Start-Up to Truckloads of froth with the assistance of Award Specialty Services (AWS)
With Over twenty five Years expertise, AWS Makes It straightforward to Enter the SPF trade

With over twenty five years of trade expertise, Award Specialty Services (AWS) offers a full line of froth and coatings equipment. Additionally, they focus on coaching contractors in spray foam application. Since beginning the South japanese Poly coaching Center in 2006, AWS has started and trained quite fifty new applicators with over ninetieth of the froth and coatings contractors still in successful operation. AWS is additionally known for his or her custom trailer rigs, onsite coaching, and customized follow-up support.

One of AWS’s shoppers, WeatherShield Insulators primarily based in Nebraska, provides a testimonial concerning the service they received from AWS after they determined to enter the trade. Here is what that they had to mention concerning Award Specialty Services:

 “In April 2007, we tend to began researching spray foam insulation. we tend to had never heard of it before and there have been no contractors in our space to debate it with. Randy Grove, our company’s President, began talking to Gary grey at Paradigm Polymers concerning stepping into the business.

In could 2007, we tend to fashioned our company, WeatherShield Insulators, with the assistance of Gary and Al Ward of Award Specialty Services. Gary and Al set us up with our initial spray rig. it absolutely was a 16’ Horton Hauler with a GlasCraft Guardian A5-6000 with a Probler P2 gun. we tend to were running it with alittle gas Kohler generator & air compressor.

We initial entered the trade not knowing something concerning spray foam. Al and Flint Ward at Award Specialty Services knew this and travelled all the means from Atlanta, GA simply to coach us and show us the way to troubleshoot issues. They still be a good facilitate to us to the current day.

In the starting, we tend to were solely spraying one – a pair of days per month. we tend to had determined that spray foam would simply be a “side-business” since we tend to conjointly build homes and were extremely busy doing that. In February 2008, we tend to were a part of the native Home Show and business began increasing nearly instantly.

Currently, we tend to are spraying three – four days per week. within the starting, we tend to we tend tore shopping for foam one – a pair of sets at a time with Gary at Paradigm Polymers; currently we get by the truckload and have simply begun distributing for Gary in our space.

Our business has expanded such a lot that our recent rig wasn't enough for us. we tend to bought a brand new 20’ v-nose Horton Hauler with a GAMA G140H and a Master spray gun. we tend to run it with a 40KW Diesel John Deere generator. Al and Flint Ward set this trailer up for us precisely the means we tend to wished it. this can be a difficult and exciting business to be in and with the assistance of Gary, Al, and Flint we are going to be within the business for a protracted time.”

Award Specialty Services offer an array of product and services, including: classroom and remote coaching sessions, custom spray rig style and assembly, consultation on varied styles of Urethane applications, OEM and switch Key applications, equipment sales and repair, a full line of accessories for applicators, replacement elements for GlasCraft and GAMA equipment and each in-house and field equipment repair. For a lot of info concerning any of those services


Does Spray Foam Insulation Out-Gas toxic Fumes?

Does Spray Foam Insulation Out-Gas toxic Fumes?

Spray-foam insulation has become a weapon of alternative for several builders and owners making an attempt to make tight, energy economical homes. And with its long list of attributes, that is no surprise. It fills small cracks and fissures in walls and roofs to create a good air seal. The high R-values of closed-cell foam pack lots of punch in an exceedingly tiny house, and closed-cell versions will block the movement of moisture into wall and roof cavities. Expensive because it could also be, it's at the highest of its category.

But will this miracle material have a darker side? Dan Fette's question regarding the potential hazards of spray foam launched an extended thread containing enough anecdotal info to grant a couple of readers pause for thought and dissuaded others from using foam the least bit.

Polyurethane foam could be a two-part compound mixed at the task web site as it's sprayed from a high-pressure gun. though a number of its ingredients are nasty at the time of application, when it cures the froth becomes an inert material that ought to not off-gas any harmful chemicals. That, at least, is our common understanding and also the word from makers and installers.
Typical are these words of assurance from Foam-Tech:: "Urethanes are non-toxic and solely need protection for our operators throughout installations, however the finished product is totally safe and has no formaldehydes."

Some dissent from the sphere

But that sunny expectation does not forever pan out. An anonymous poster reported developing a heavy chemical sensitivity whereas building an "uber-green" house, including non-toxic wood finishes and closed-cell polyurethane foam.

"I became sick once getting into the house 2 years ago, and had to maneuver out," Anonymous wrote. "Any exposure to the indoor air induces neurological symptoms...I never had these kinds of issues before that i do know of."

Not way behind was Marlene, who said her 66-year-old brother had experienced a "very dire situation" once Icynene (a whole of open-cell foam) was sprayed in his house. Marlene said her brother was told he would most likely got to sell his half-completed home once investing his life savings within the project.

David Posada said a robust odor persisted 2 months once Demilec Sealection five hundred foam was sprayed into a 95-year-old house in Oregon throughout a retrofit. Julia, who suffers from chemical sensitivities, says her building materials consultant "won't permit her purchasers to use spray foam insulation of any kind."

More study is required

William Swietlik, who identified himself as a member of the Federal Interagency Spray Polyurethane Foam Worksgroup and co-chair of the EPA's workgroup on spray foam, said that each open- and closed-cell foams are created with diisocyanates, among alternative ingredients, a number one reason behind workplace asthma and a "well-known sensitizing toxicant to humans." He added: "Once a personal becomes sensitized to diisocyanates there could also be no safe exposure level."

Swietlik said this can be why occupational health authorities advocate personal protecting equipment for installers, which any unprotected employees or occupants leave the building whereas the froth is being sprayed and not come till "all residual vapors are ventilated and every one dirt particles (from shaving the finished foam) are cleaned up to safe levels."

Just what's "safe?" that is not clear. Swietlik had this to say: "The actual timing of this can be not known for every specific building application as this relies on the quantity of vapors and particles generated to start with, the quantity and sort of ventilation, the dimensions and configuration of the building, the froth curing factors and also the installation and pack up techniques of the employees."

More reserach is required, he said, not solely on the issues posed at the time the froth is applied, however conjointly on "whether or not there remains off-gasing from the finished foam that was applied days or months earlier that would have an effect on sensitive, or sensitized people who occupy the building."


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Spray Polyurethane Foams in External Envelopes of Buildings presents, for the first time, a book focused on both the theoretical and practical design and applications of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) use. To review the moisture performance of SPF, this book focuses on the design of an assembly where moisture is kept from accumulating and causing deterioration (flow through approach). In this approach, Spray Polyurethane Foam presents two unique parts of theory and practice of various SPF products.

Part 1 of this monograph analyzes SPF performance as the material (product). Being field



fabricated, installation of SPF products must include a quality assurance program . . . Laboratory evaluation of foams and their coverings, quality management issues, and quantification of the technical support provided to the SPF contractor are also reviewed.
Part 2 presents a systems approach to construction. Starting with principles of environmental control of buildings, different aspects of design and performance of roofing and wall systems are reviewed. Details and design recommendations . . . as well as case studies . . . are included.


spray foam insulation business start up

spray foam insulation business 
start up

A new reasonably home insulation material is slowly replacing fiberglass batts in new homes. you'll be ready to take advantage of this variation within the method homes are insulated by beginning your own spray foam insulation business.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

The employee within the photo higher than is putting in polyurethane primarily based spray foam insulation during a new home. this sort of insulation is made of petroleum product and even soybeans. the 2 main varieties are open cell spray foam and closed cell foam. Closed cell foam features a higher “R – value” or insulating issue, however is dearer. Open cell spray foam insulation is employed in several new homes as a result of it's generally cheaper to use.


Convenience Products 4001110001 Touch'n Seal Quick Cure Foam Cylinder

Convenience Products 4001110001 Touch'n Seal Quick Cure Foam Cylinder

Lest Price :
Sale Price: $124.99

Product Description

This is an easy, portable way to handle large foam projects. It features fast expansion foam with a quick cure process. The system comes ready to use and includes - 10# cylinder, 10' hose, and wands. The cylinder is disposable after use and yields 6,800 linear ft. with 3/8'' bead. R value is 5.4 per inch. The cylinder shelf life is 18 months. This foam contains fire retardant with no CFC's or urea formaldehyde.


FOMO P10720 II-205 Handi-Foam Spray Foam - Quick Cure

FOMO P10720 II-205 Handi-Foam Spray Foam - Quick Cure

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Sale Price: $449.99

Product Description

Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is a chemically cured foam system. Two-component foam systems consist of an "A" component and a "B" component. These two components mix in the nozzle of the pattented Handi-Gun, and the resulting foam cures much more quickly than one-component foams. Handi-Foam Two-component Foams are available in a variety of densities. Two-component foam systems will expand immediately upon chemical reaction of A-component and B-component to a final volume that is 3 to 5 times the dispensed volume, in typical applications, and may be as much as 8 times the dispensed volume in specific applications, depending on various factors such as cavity size, ambient conditions, etc.

Kit Contains 205 Square Feet at 1" Thick

The foam will cure to a semi-rigid closed cell foam upon the chemical reaction of component A (polymeric isocyanate) with component B (a polyol blend containing certain additives) and carries an R-Value of 6 to 7 per inch (.02 w/m.k). Handi-Foam Two-Component Foam is tack free in less than 60 seconds, is cuttable in 2-5 minutes, and fully cured in just 60 minutes. Cured foam can be trimmed, sanded and/or painted.

Consists of two canisters, dispensing system & two nozzles

Density = 1.75lbs per cubic foot (28kg per cubic meter)

Contains no formaldehyde

2 Component foam is tack free in 30 seconds, cuttable in 3-4 minutes, and fully cured in 1 hour.



Best dow Chemical Co. 157803 Froth-Pak 180 Spray Foam Sealant System

Dow Chemical Co. 157803 Froth-Pak 180 Spray Foam Sealant System
Dow Chemical Co. 157803 Froth-Pak 180 Spray Foam Sealant System
Price: $439.99

In Stock.
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Product Description

A professional use, 2 component polyurethane spray foam system. Typically used as a foam insulating sealant to fill cavities, wall and floor penetrations, cracks, and expansion joints. Chemical curing allows 2 part polyurethane foam to be dispensed, expand, and become tack free in seconds. Will skin over in 30 40 seconds and be completely cured in under 1 minute. Froth Pak 180 kit includes: Iso (A) cylinder, Polyol (B) cylinder, 6 cone white spray nozzles (187918), 4 GG white spray nozzles (187915), 9' gun hose assembly (GHA), petroleum jelly packet. Froth Pak 180 is great for bigger jobs; yield is 200 board ft., 16 cu. ft. 1.75 foam density. Class 1 rated. 

Customer Reviews
I bought this product to spray on the back of 3 'wide cantilever / floor joist cavities (side / ceiling below), so the extra hours' reach' offered by the gun mechanism. The product turned on. 6-24 says a "course (or so), but in actual use, when you spray something beyond a few centimeters from the nozzle of the gun, it was virtually useless. The spray comes out in a fan-shaped pattern, and you lose all accuracy with any distance at all -. coverage resulting irregular / clumpy, leaving voids plus the gun was clogging and oozes out from behind the nozzle - we have tried switching out nozzles and cleaning out 3x, all with same results (. so not a fluke) coverage area was very minimal and very disappointing performance in all -.! I'd say not worth the time / $ to all on the same project I used the Touch n Seal Kit '12 (the same idea as this one), and while that was far from a perfect system, is a performance better than this, and was about 30% less as well.

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